Good Morning to one and all,


  Esteemed guests of the day,Sri.Sippy Pallippuram – Renowned Poet & Writer , Sri.N.R.Vinod Kumar- President of Students’ Welfare Committee, Smt. Suma Narayanan- Ward  Councillor,  the honourable  office  bearers of Sree Narayana Mission,Chairman.Sri.E.D Divakaran,Manager-Sri.C.I.Sangameswaran Master,ViceChairman-Sri.R.M.Pavithran, JointSecretary-Sri.C.S.Thilakan,Treasurer Sri.P.K.Sivasankaran, Director Board Mebmbers of Sree Narayana Mission, Smt. Sandhya Shaji- Vice President – Students’ Welfare Committee,Executive Members of the Students’ Welfare Committee,  Vice Principal-Sri.V.S.Gopinathan,invited guests,  dear parents, well wishers, dear colleagues and dear children,

A warm welcome to everyone arrived here today.

       As we approach the end of this academic year and our 22 years of service towards providing quality education since our inception, I take this opportunity to thank the Almighty for his abundant blessings and our patron Sree Narayana Guru,Members of S N Mission, parents , well wishers, teachers and students.

  As I share the updates of our activities,I take the opportunity to say that we did our best to do as we had planned and we are proud of our students and teachers who strive hard to achieve  success. We have focessed on the holistic development of the students.

   Education means that every individual will have to achieve his or her full potential through learning.Education is not preparation for life, it is life itself.  The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically.  Intelligence plus character is the goal of true education.Obstacles which come in the way of such achievement will need to be removed by teachers and parents.  For this, every child will need to be encouraged to actualize and activate his potential.  It is under this changing context that I present a Annual Report of the school for the academic year 2017-2018 in a nutshell before the August assembly .   


      The school reopened on Ist June 2017.        


            Our promising and dynamic teachers are the very pillars of strength and mainstay. A teacher affects eternity; The teacher can never tell where his or her influence stops.  A teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, knowledge and wisdom in the pupil. Gurusree family comprises of 36 well trained, well experienced , dedicated teaching staff and 10 supporting Staff including Clerical Staff, Security person, Bus drivers and assistants.Gurusree is indebted to them to all her glorious achievements. Apartfrom the various core subject teachers, we have an enthusiastic  team of teachers for Dance , Music ,drawing, yoga, Karatte  and Physical & Health education. Our administrative staff headed by the Manager forms a highly successful formula to have a smooth flow of operations.


 The Merit Day

            I am happy to share the glad news that our students of class XII and X who appeared for the Board Examinations passed  in flying colours.The school topper in Senior Secondary level is Kumari Anagha.M.M & Kumari.Aaptha Saroja.I am proud to note that Abhay Krishna .E.T,Aswinkrishna.K.U,Rahul M,  Sooraj.E.S, Adithya R R,  Aparna.P.S,Chandhana.C.S,Hasna.K.S & Nalanda.M.M got  FULL A1.  We are extremely happy that majority of our students of Class XII who passes out were able to obtain admission into various professional, para- medical, and IT courses and we wish them a very bright future.                                                   

     We are presenting our 14th batch of Class X and 8th batch of Class XII for the board  Examination   this year.  We wish them success on this unique occasion and pray to the almighty to equip themself with sufficient courage to enable them to pay full justice to the ensuing Board Examination and to crown themselves with glory and success.


            The school also encourages the students to participate in various scholarship examinations like  PCM Scholarship Examination and  All Kerala Sahodaya Scholastic Achievement Tests , Mental Maths Talent Test, Sahodaya Maths Talent Search Examinations etc. Aathmaj Ram of class 7 won the Ist Rank in All Kerala Sahodaya Scholastic Achievement Test 2016-17 in class VI .Ritu C.R of class 2 Won the 2nd Prize in MTSE 2017-18




      School witnessed election to the school Parliament and house captains with a touch of authentic election process  Master. Sooraj.E.S and Kumari. NakshathrA.P.V were elected as the headboy and head girl respectively. Aromal Sankar and Lakshmi Sunil were elected as the Asst. Head boy & Asst. Head girl respectively.  Bharath V KUmar is elected as General Captain.Bigil S Mohan is elected as the Arts club secretary.



The General Body meeting of SWC was held on 29th july 2017 Mr Bijoy P R, C.I Costal police station ,Azhikode inaugurated the function .Mr N.R Vinod Kumar was elected as the President and Mrs.Sandhya Shaji as the Vice President,Students’ Welfare Committee through its numerous activities and support make a positive contribution in sustaining the quality of educational transactions that takes place within the school.


Their constructive criticism and valuable feedback has always  been helpful and appreciated .I am greatful to Sri.N.R Vinod kumar,the President of S.W.C Executive members of Students welfare Committee and all the parents for their kind co-operation.



            We  participated in the competitions conducted by SNDP Yogam Union , Kodungallur in connection with Sree Narayana Guru Jayanthi.  I am very happy to mention that we begged the overall championship this year too.


            The school is an active member of the Thrissur Sahodaya Complex. 70 of our talented students participated in the District Level Sahodaya Youth Festival held at Paramekkavu Vidya MAndir,Thrissur. Most of the students got A Grade in their items.  This year we scored 248 points and 36th position under the guidance of Kalotsav committee lead by Mrs.Jhayavathy,Mrs.Sumam,MrsShobhini,Mrs Kavitha Rajagopal Mr.Vikraman & Mrs.Sandhya Shaji-Vice President of S.W.C .Iam proud to announce that Parthiv Krishna of class 3 won the 2nd Prize in pencil drawing & Anulekha K A of class 9 won the 3rd Prize in versification English.Parthiv Krishna participated in the CBSE state Kalotsav.





This year we participated in Atheletic Meet conducted by Thrissur Sahodaya Complex.  Total 29 students participated in the Atheletic Meet and came out with flying colours. Bhageeraj A M of class XI got the  3rd prize in Javallin Throw     .                


            The Gurusree Fest- the most vibrant platform to express the talents of our students was held.The Gurusree Fest was conducted with students from 4 different houses competing in a variety of stage and off stage items incorporating their creative talents. The four houses- Emerald,Topaz, Ruby and Diamond competed with equal spirit.Ruby house emerged as the leading team.     


      Another spectacular event was the Annual Atheletic Meet.  The meet was inaugurated by the honourable Vice chairman  of Sree Narayana Mission Sri.R.M Pavithran  by hoisting the flag.The students kept the spirit alive with full participation.  TOPAZ House bagged the First Prize in the Annual Sports Meet.



      To inculcate the culture of loving and caring the nature , we celebrated the World Environment Day .Principal inaugurated the celebrations by planting saplings.


            The school also has a number of clubs.  The Vanitha Jagratha Samithi  , Anti Narcotic& Anti Drug club, Clean Campus and Safe Campus Programme and School Protection Group , traffic & Road safety club was set up in collaboration with the Kerala Police, which helps to reduce the problems faced by children in the school, at home, or on the road and to solve them.

            All the important celebrations like Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanthi, Reading Day, Onam, Sree Narayana Guru Jayanthi, and Teachers Day were celebrated. Karatte belt grading was conducted. Reading Day was inaugurated by Sri.C.C Vipin Chandran- Chairman –Kodungallur Municipality . Sri.T.K Gangadharan- Novelist presented the keynote address,Smt.Saji Madhu Ayyaril-poet,Sri.Jinan Master-poet,Sri .Sebastian-poet were also presented speeches on various topics. National Deworming day was celebrated. As per the instruction from District Medical officer of Health, Measles Rubella vaccine was given to the students. 89 % of students were vaccinated.

            Students participated in the competitions conducted by Vivekananda Kendra vedic vision foundation kodungallur Akarsha Menon won the second prize in speech Malayalam and Harikrishnan T G won the consolation prize in drawing competition.




AWARENESS CLASSES                               

              Awareness classes and workshops were conducted to reduce the stress of the students and to instill confidence and strength to face the current challenges in their educational life.A Motivation class was conducted for the students of classes 9 to 12 by Shaiju Karayil, famous motivational & Mind Power trainer. 


      The academic year started with a spectrum of training programmes and orientation classes for the teachers as well as the parents. We held an interactive session for the parents with a view to enable them to identify the problem of the child and take remedial measures.  Apart from this teachers have undergone numerous training programmes organized by Thrissur Sahodaya Complex,  



Social awareness activities involves students to recognise other’s feelings and knowing how and when to assist others.  Students learn to show respect for others and understand responsibilities of this institution. We conduct Nallapadom camp with various awareness classes . Iam proud to announce that school won A1 Grade and cash award of Rs 5000/- in Malayala manorama Nallapadam Programme for our excellent performances in Nallapadam activities. Ashna V R of class V won the consolation prize in malayala manorama

20-20 challenge competition .


To give back to the society for various noble causes ,activities and support for the needy, our students consolidated donations to various organisations and needy individuals. We donated money to Mr.Renukumar one of our parents. I express my sincere  thanks and appreciation to parents of Sravan Ganga Ruvin of LKG, Humayoon Sayeed UKG,Vishnupriya D.S-class 5, the students , teachers and parents for their voluntary contribution for the noble cause.



            With due respect, I enlist the award sponsored by great visionaries who earnestly wish to enhance academic excellence and human values in our students.

            Memento donated by S.N. Mission in memory of former Chairman Sri. P.K.Raveendranath to the AISSCE topper. This year the award goes to Aaptha Saroja & Anagha M M.

            Cash awrd donated by smt Santhakumari       W/o Sri M.C Raman Master , in memory of Sri.M.C Raman Master,Chairman of S N Mission for the toppers of Class VIII,IX,X,XI,XII and AISSCE toppers.This year award goes to Gouri Priya- Std VIII, Anulekha .K.A- std IX, Durgalakshmi.K.B-std X, Chandana C .S- std XI, Kunjilakshmi.N.S- std XII,previous years XII top scores-Aapth Saroja,Anagha M M.


A trophy sponsored by Mrs. & Mr.Dinesh Kumar, Thazhthuveettil House, in memory of their son, Adarsh Menon, to the best student in UKG. This year the prize goes to Humayoon Syed .K.N of UKG.


My  heartfelt thanks to the great visionaries who sponsored Newspapers Metro-Director of G.Tech Computer Centre,Kodungallur

Mathrubhumi-Mr.A P Antony – President Pullut Service co-operative Bank

Malayalamanorama –Sathar Alookkaran-Director alookkaran foundation



Before I conclude , I take this opportunity to extend our sincere and hearfelt thanks to the Chief Guest of today’s programme Sri. Sippy Pallippuram- who has honoured us with his gracious presence along with our other distinguished guests. I profusely thank you all for accepting our invitation and coming over here to bless this luminous centre of learning.

            The Principal, staff, parents and students owe the special gratitude to the pioneers of this institution – all the Members of the School Management Committee and the Board of Directors who had immense trust, confidence and faith in all our endeavours for the enhancement of this abode of learning. The current academic year has witnessed many developments and innovations in enhancing the infrastructural facilities for our school, for which myself, my staff and the students are greatly obliged.        

With much love and affection I extend my personal gratitude to those who strengthen my hands- Vice Principal, Sri.V.S.Gopinathan, Mrs. Elsy Antony-Teacher in charge of K.G Section,Mrs. Asha Joby- Staff Secretary Mrs.Asamol.K.K,& Mrs. Divya Convenors of the Programme Committee,Convenors of Clubs & Committees,Head of various department my teaching staff, Administrative and supporting staff and drivers for their support and co-operation. Dear teachers , education is not to reform students or amase them, or to make them expert technicians. It is to unsettle their minds, widen their horizons, inflame their intellects, teach them to think straight. To the world you may be just a teacher, but to your students you must be a hero…

            I adore our parents, with veneration , admiration and praise from the deepest part of my heart, with respect and reverence brocaded with eternal feelings of love and gratitude for having trusted your children under our benevolent care.   My teachers’ and myself are beholden to each one of you collectively and individually. Dear parents, you can learn many things from your children..How much patience have you instance..Do not educate your child to be rich.  Educate them to be happy. So when they grow up , they will know the value of things, not the price….

I am grateful to my beloved and affectionate students for their behaviour, decorum and demeanor.  I would                          like to remind the students that education should make a difference in the human being- Listen to your teachers when they tell you what to do.  But more importantly think about it later and ask yourself why they told you to do it.  Life is all about chances and opportunities.  Never leave anything to chance and never let an opportunity get away.  Love your parents..Treat your parents with loving care..Study to learn. What you study today is what you will become tomorrow..

 I end with earnest prayers to the God almighty to continue extending the benign grace on this institution.  So that it may continue to bloom and prosper, thereby contributing responsible citizens of tomorrow.

            Let me conclude my report by entrusting our school into the divine hands of our patron Sree Narayana Guru.

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, Thank you for your patient hearing.